Daily Archives: May 5th, 2013

Creepy Dolls with Human Souls Trapped In Them

Witch doctor transfers human souls into plastic dolls to give them lifelike characteristics, includes a “soul knob” on the back to “modify the doll’s humanity.” See more obscure products at Binkie McFartnuggets’ Mansion of Mania.

115 Million-Year-Old Fossil Hammer?

Hoax or Truth? Limestone rock in which the hammer was encased is estimated to be 110-115 million years old.  In fact, the wooden handle has petrified, like ancient petrified wood, the hammer head, composed of solid iron, is of relatively recent design.

“Horrifying” Brazilian Testicle Mascot

Wiry pubic hairs add a pervy but decorative touch to Brazil’s tasteless Mr. Balls “mascot.” “Mi amigo es Mr. Balls, Papa”

Psychic Bob Wants You to Pray for Lindsay Lohan

VOMIT WORTHY – Youtuber Psychic Bob asks his followers to join him in his prayer for Lindsay Lohan, who has been put in Betty Ford rehab clinic (7th time in a rehab clinic in 6 years).

Neanderthal Easily Amused

Dig that krazeeeeee sound byte laugh as goon finds humor in the dullest of things. I can smell reefer.

Pirate Ship Being Sold on Craigslist

ALL YOURS FOR $79,000 Here’s your chance to own your very own pirate ship to sail on “Talk Like a Pirate” day.  Ad says: “Built on 50′ 1988 Gibson houseboat. Brand new twin 454s, Kohler generator, V drives. Holds 30 people, looks like a Hollywood set! Great as a live aboard…and an AWESOME party boat! [...]

A Couple of Psychos from Facebook’s “The Straight Liberation Movement” (HATE GROUP)

Spotlight on two men with issues getting along with others of “alternative sexual lifestyles” — (1) a psycho who elbowed an 11-year-old kid in San Francisco’s Chinatown, calling him a “faggot,” was ordered by the State of California to be locked up in Napa State Mental Hospital.  In checking, authorities saw he has been posting [...]

Mother Slits Dog’s Throat for Sniffing Her Daughter’s Crotch

Lu-Lu in Honolulu brutally kills the family dog after it sniffed her kid’s cooch.

Zomboo’s House of Horror Movies

Meet horror movie host Zomboo, who appears on Reno area TV at 11:30 p.m. Saturday nights with cheesy old horror movies.  Zomboo also appears in syndication in other U.S. cities as well.  Don’t miss “Tales of Frankenstein” next Saturday. Visit Zomboo’s Facebook for more. Below, Zomboo frightened locals as he devoured steak at Hobey’s steakhouse [...]