Human-Like Creature Discovered in Bowels of Slaughtered Sheep

sheep_babayAlidu Maiyanka, a butcher, discovered a “human-like creature” in the uterus of a slaughtered sheep, that bore human-like eyes, ears, a mouth like that of a human, and two limbs.  It was found alive and lived for two hours before thankfully dying.

According to the butcher Alidu Maiyanka “it was around 10:30 in the morning that I discovered the monstrous creature after slaughtering an ewe I bought on Monday from Kuta.”

An eyewitness, who is also a butcher, Gambo Adbullahi said before the ewe was slaughtered, there was no sign that it was pregnant and that the human-like lamb was found in the uterus of the ewe which indicated that the ewe must have had an ectopic pregnancy.

This mutation, caused by humans screwing farm animals commingled with growth drugs injected into them, has happened before in Turkey.