No Sympathy from Viewers For Boy Who Was Spanked With Belt by Dollar Store Employee

DEMON SPAWNA little boy claims he was whipped with a belt 25 times across his backside by Dollar Store employee Emilia Graciela Bell, 39, after the child behaved badly in the store and bad-mouthed an adult (his parents weren’t around).  What has people who’ve read this story suspicious and upset with the boy and his parents (read all the nasty comments here, scroll down)  is that he sounds COACHED as he tells his story to news media, referring to the belt whipping event as “torture” and how detailed his account sounds from such a young person.  Others say the parents are enablers and are scheming to sue the store to make money off a lawsuit.  The now-fired employee apparently called the boy a “demon” for his bad behavior, to which the boy responded by throwing a cookie at her in response.  This disrespectful bad-mouthing of an adult caused the store employee to become irate and she took a belt and beat the kid’s ass.  Read details about the child beating here.  ALSO SEE Retail Hell Underground.

But what if he IS a “demon”?