I am deeply in debt with payday loan companies that have been taking money out of my bank account to pay them back and I’ve run out of cash to buy food with for the month. I won’t receive any cash until Aug. 19. The cable company has my phone and internet and the bill is due which I can’t pay, so soon they’ll turn those things off. The cats have plenty of food thanks to my sister-in-law’s help, but I do not have enough food on hand to make it. The food banks give very little and they only let you go ONCE a month! I think I can make it on $100 by not going anywhere. If you can help I’d appreciate it very much. I’ve also been hit with big doctor visit co-pay fees along with co-pays for insulin and meds. The co-pay for Novolog and Levemir alone is $48.00 and the test strips are $38.00. Then there are co-pays for other meds for my illnesses. I’m trying to get out of the payday loan companies’ grasp, but it takes time. Thanks for your kind support.

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