Morons Interviewed on the Street Don’t Know What World War II Was! WTF?

“You might not be surprised to learn many people don’t know much about a war that ravaged the entire planet just 70 years ago, but you might be surprised as to the level of their ignorance, because it’s pretty astounding.”

Old Man So Fat He Can't Move[Well that takes the cake.  And to think my old man took a bullet in Guadalcanal so those fucktards can have their freedom today: their cell phones, their iPads, their Internet porn, their legalized pot, gay marriage, a black president, their Cronuts!  I’m ready to cross over any time to get out of this crazy upside-down world!  Let the diabetes KILL!  Doesn’t anyone actually LEARN anything in basic High School history class? Or do they even offer that course any more?  Duh, whut’s VE Day?–Ed.]

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