Man with Pinocchio Penis Tattoo Gets Lifetime Ban from Flying After Showing it to Passengers!

Pinocchio Penis Tattoo Close-up

CrybabiesDarn.  I miss all the fun!  Wish I was on that flight so Tom Washington could have shown his Pinocchio penis tattoo to me.  I wouldn’t have SNITCHED HIM OUT like all those other ASSHOLES did!  What a bunch of mealy-mouthed crybaby whiners people have become ratting out each other so they can get over on someone!  In my day snitches got their asses kicked for shooting off their mouths.  Tattletales need to drink bleach and die!

Tom Washington & His Pinocchio Penis Tattoo

Pinocchio Penis Tattoo

Awww come on, Tom! Show us the whole thing! We penis lovers want to see it! See Buzzfeed for these NSFW Pinocchio Tattoos

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