What Pluto Looks Like (HIGH RES)


NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft flew by Pluto this morning and is now heading deeper into the region of space called the Kuiper Belt, where there are rocks, asteroids and comets leftover from the formation of our solar system that didn’t get pulled in by the process of accretion by the sun to make planets. A kind of junkyard of space.  There is another planet beyond Pluto discovered in 2005 named “Eris” located in the Kuiper Belt.  It’s believed to be not as big as Pluto, but bigger than an asteroid or space junk.  And beyond Eris, is the heliopause, a region of space where the sun’s gravity influence ends and the entry to interstellar space begins.

Pluto July 13 2015 Close-up


What the colors of Pluto may actually look like:

Color image of Pluto


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