Warm House From the Hood


Inside your house during Winter with the heat going the atmosphere gets dry. To help make things warm and comfortable, boil a big pot of water uncovered on the stove (you could even put potpourri in it to scent the air if you have a stinky house).  Once the scalding water gets bubbling your room warms up and the air becomes humid for better breathing. The humidity is also good for your indoor plants (yeah, your POT PLANTS, too).  But keep in mind that pot of water will boil down. Setting a loud timer would remind you to oversee the pot so it doesn’t dry up and burn! Try it. Your windows will fog up.

That’s right, no one will be able to spy on you through your windows!

They won’t be able to SEE what you are doing with the windows fogged up, GET IT?

Boiled Water Boiled Water Two


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