VIDEO: Gay Couple Insulted and Abused by County Workers When They Ask for Marriage License



ScumbagNasty Moreland, Kentucky county workers kept telling the guys to stop recording them in fear of retribution as they refused to serve a marriage license while insulting them, using their “religious convictions” as an excuse.  Here’s one of the guy’s Facebook pages saying they were refused.

“Don’t you girls have anything better to do?” a woman asks the men and their friend.

“Are you all wanting marriage license?” a male employee asks, and the couple said they were. “OK, we do not sell marriage license in this county. You can go to our surrounding counties – they’ll be more than happy to assist you.”

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Let’s get something clear: your religion is personal.  It should NOT in any way interfere with your job.  When you’re at work you represent your employer — not yourself.  You have no right to impose your personal convictions on others at your place of employment and deny service.  Most personnel manuals state that you are not to discuss your politics, religion, race or sexuality in the place of employment, because your personal views may offend co-workers and cause disruption in your place of employment.

If you or I acted the way these county workers did at our place of employment, we’d be fired. Nobody should be put through that kind of treatment, especially in a COURT HOUSE — a place of law!  If you refuse to obey the law based on your PERSONAL RELIGIOUS CONVICTIONS, you should be immediately terminated for insubordination. PERIOD.

Someone needs to start a petition demanding the county workers be fired.  The American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky filed a lawsuit Thursday on behalf of four couples who were denied marriage licenses by the Rowan County clerk in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s historic decision legalizing same-sex marriages.  Kim Davis, the county clerk who refused the two men their license because of her religious convictions is BEING SUED.  See Daily Caller for more.

God told her not to do her job because of her “deep religious convictions.”


According to The Courier-Journal, Davis condemns same-sex marriage due to her “deep religious convictions,” therefore she will not grant licenses to any couple, regardless of sexuality.

“My conscience will not allow me to issue a license for a same sex couple,” Davis said to LEX18 Lexington, KY News, “because I know that God ordained marriage from the very foundation of this world to be between a man and a woman.”

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