The Drug Fiends of Tumblr



Cringe-WorthyCringe/vomit-worthy from the dark side of the fringe reaches of the Internet.

Amateur Party Vids — Nothing but movies of drug addicts smoking or shooting up, which they call “slamming.”  Some of the swill is gay, some not — some nudity, some not, but definitely ADULT and NSFW.  Disturbing to watch, especially seeing blood in the needles.  SickMany bear the AIDS biohazard tattoo.  It’s a known fact that AIDS can be transmitted by drug addicts sharing needles.  See the Biohazard Tattoos site, Scared Fag and Fag Hater for more creepy, disturbing swill where gay men are humiliated in ugly ways.

Cloud Top not only smokes on his Tumblr to entertain, but likes to model his clothing line.

Meth Smoker Clutches Pipe Blowing Clouds of Filth

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