Singer Ariana Grande: “I Hate Americans, I Hate America” (VIDEO)

I Hate Americans

People Who SuckOver the 4th of July weekend when Americans were celebrating our great country, FLORIDA-born Italian singer Ariana Grande visited a doughnut shop with her dancer boyfriend, was rude to the shop workers spewing foul-mouthed f-bombs and declared “I hate Americans, I hate America” when doughnuts were set out before her to choose from. She is filmed licking the doughnuts but didn’t buy them, which got the doughnut shop in trouble with the health department for “cross contamination” of germs when the store worker put the licked doughnuts back in the case!

Contaminating Doughnuts with Tongue

Grand Licking Donuts

middle_fingerThe gall to be in our country becoming a celebrity making millions, enjoying all the liberties America offers, and to have the nerve to say she hates America during the 4th of July celebration, yet!  Get out of our country if you hate it!  But leave the money you made off us here you stuck up little entitled, ungrateful snob!  And the only reason why she apologized was that she was CAUGHT on security camera.  The pop star once said she hopes the fans who made her rich and famous “all fucking die.”

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