Pay $1.1 Million to Be Trailer Trash

An old guy is selling his RUNDOWN 50+ Year Old 2-bedroom trailer for $1.1 million that he bought “a couple of years after 1956″ to put on land he bought for $300 in the now pricey Hamptons beach area, which has become a haven of the filthy rich and privileged.  See the mouthwatering listing photos here!

Here’s Your Darling $1.1 Million Trailer Home at the Beach, Complete with Snooty Rich Unfriendly Neighbors in Mansions All Around You!  Hot Damn!  What a Bargain!

1 Million Trailer in the Hamptons

Oh now isn’t that trailer love nest charming?  HURRY!  Buy it for $1.1 million before someone else gets it and ruins your dream!

ADDED BONUS! It comes with this NIFTY SHED!

1 Million Trailer in the Hamptons Shed

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