FLORIDA: Man and Woman Sleeping in Dumpster Get Emptied Into Garbage Truck — Hear the 911 Call

Rescue crews responded to a 911 call in which a screaming man and woman were emptied into a garbage truck (hear the 911 audio call) after the two slept in a dumpster on a drunken night in Florida.  The dump truck driver had started the trash compactor BLADE, which would have chopped the two idiots up into pieces had he not been paying attention. See The Smoking Gun for details on the couple…

Nearly Cut to Ribbons by the Compactor Blade!


As he drove to his next pickup, he initiated the compactor blade to make room for more refuse. That’s when Velazquez saw a man jumping up and down on the truck’s closed-circuit television that monitors the compaction. He stopped the compactor and pulled over on U.S. 301 North near Interstate 75 and called 911.

“I got two people… stuck in the truck,” Velazquez reported. “I almost killed both of them.”

Responding deputies and emergency medical services personnel were able to rescue Donald Jordan, 37, and Lisa Sirabella, 49.

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