Highlights from “Trainwreck”

Penis-Freaks2For millions in America obsessed with the almighty penis, the pivoting moment of the new comedy movie about dating and monogamy (or lack thereof) “Trainwreck (official site)” (reviews) is watching WWE superstar John Cena’s cameo appearance grinding away on top of AmySchumer.

John Cena Trainwreck

Amy Schumer shocked by John Cena’s huge penis at bed time.

John Cena Trainwreck2

John Cena talks about himself during a heterosexual breeding moment with Amy Schumer.

[See NewNowNext for other exciting action shots. Cena says his sex scene, that took all day to film, was embarrassing — apparently for him because they had to use a phony “stunt penis” instead of his real money-maker in the conspiracy. Ha-ha!]

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