Doomsday Chick Warns of ‘Major Catastrophe’ to Hit the Pacific Northwest ‘Soon’ Because FOX NEWS Says So

“Best selling prophecy author” and Fox News believer Lyn Leahz urgently warns of death and destruction by a mega quake and tsunamis that will destroy the U.S. Pacific Northwest, citing links to major news media articles on the Internet as evidence.  Keep updated on our ultimate destruction on Lyn’s Twitter and her YouTube channel.

“Everyone has been prophesying this for a while! But now Fox News, The New Yorker, The Weather Channel, and more have just reported that it is coming! What? THE BIG ONE!  A mega-quake monster that will destroy the U.S. Pacific Northwest, followed by even more massive tsunamis!  (FYI: All of the above linked news networks take you directly to their article on this!)”

“If you live in the Pacific Northwest you might want to consider moving…”

Lyn Leahz urges prayer to spare us from this and other horrible disasters because we are “out of time.”

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