“Charlie Brown” Cartoon Voice Actor Goes NUTS in Court, Swears at the Judge

“I hope you drop dead of a heart attack!” Peter Robbins yelled at the judge.

Peanuts Goes Nuts

When a guard tried to escort Robbins out of the courtroom, the washed-up actor cried out: “He’s rubbing me up, he’s got a gun! Run for your lives, he’s got a gun, run for your lives!”

[The Old WitchClearly Robbins is suffering from a complete nervous breakdown. Just by watching the actions of those insensitive apes in charge “tolerating him,” it’s clear they just want to lock him up instead of getting him psychological help. Locking him up in a jail cell isn’t the answer. Getting him psychological help is. With that Robbins will hopefully recover and not be a “threat to society.”  He’s loud and cringe-worthy in the courtroom videos, but where’s his support system?  Why does he have a public defender?  Where’s his family members?  Why doesn’t he have a lawyer?  An injustice against this man appears to be happening.  He’s mental and is not in control of his faculties.–Ed.]

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