BIASED NEWS: As Trump’s Poll Numbers GROW AGAIN, Now Lefty News Media Sources are Trying to Make Him Out to Be a Draft Dodger

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CONSPIRACY –Ever hear of liberal bias?

Liberal bias is partisan selection or distortion of information to support liberal policies. This bias can be expressed by professors and public school teachers, College Board exams, reporters and other journalists in mainstream media, and any other information source.

News is supposed to report the news, NOT their political agenda (media bias). One has to be careful what they read and check the source as many news media outlets have political agendas of their own. As Donald Trump continues to grow in popularity based on today’s new polls:



Biased liberal lefty news sources feel threatened and are scheming to dethrone him by spreading malicious lies (not to much avail). The Des Moines Register, an extreme liberal news source, is telling Trump to drop out of the race which Trump dismissed as liberal bias reporting:

“As one of the most liberal newspapers in the United States, the poll results were just too much for them to bear,” Trump said, suggesting the editorial is intended to gain the newspaper “desperately needed ink.”

Huge biased lefty news Huffington Post continues to trash Trump:

While the lefty biased New York Daily News has published a typical, sleazy phony story about Trump being a draft dodger.

Screen-cap of liberal biased NY Daily News trying to stir up draft dodging

Screen-cap of liberal biased NY Daily News trying to stir up draft dodging

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