4-Year-Old Remembers His Past Life as a Marine Who Died in Beirut in 1983

White LightA four-year-old boy white boy named Andrew is recalling horrific details of his past life as African-American U.S. Marine Sgt. Val Lewis (pictured right), a hero who died in a terrorist bomb blast on October 23, 1983 in Beirut, Lebanon.

SGT Val S Lewis USMCThe child has given his terrified mother (who thinks the ghost of the dead marine in possessing her child) specific details: his former address, his name, details about his horrible death in a fire in the war zone that was Beirut, and about his comrades who also died in the bombing attack. The child was taken to the cemetery where his past self is buried and pointed out the graves of his friends there, too. Producers of the TV show “Ghost Inside My Child” helped the mother research and prove his past life:

neardeathexperience1Sensitive situation in the wrong hands of people who don’t know a thing about reincarnation.  The hysterical mother thinks a “ghosts is possessing her child.” 

Professionals in this area of paranormal phenomena do not refer to the dead as “ghosts.”  They are “spirits.”  The term “ghosts” is used by fools with no knowledge of spirituality.  When you die your spirit — or consciousness — leaves your dead body and lives on in another form of electrical energy life.  Simply, the “spirit” is the electricity that lives within your body making your brain function.  At death, when the body parts stop functioning, it leaves and goes into another realm or dimension of life unknown to us.  This energy controls the earthly fleshy being for the realm of earth life requiring air, water and food to live in this environment when it chooses to live in this dimension.  Your body is made up mostly of water and elements found in sea water.  For reasons unknown, that spirit can be reborn into a new body at a later date after death — sometimes a century or more later or in a few decades later as in this child’s case.  There’s nothing to be SCARED about as the mother says this nonsense:

“Scared me, scared me! I didn’t know if there was a spirit coming out of him.”

This is a common case of childhood past life remembrance.  Past life remembrance has been happening to many children.  Read another story about a little boy who said he WAS MURDERED in his past life and proved it.  But child past life remembrance left in the hands of idiots could cause this child’s mind to get warped with its parents running around saying he’s possessed by ghosts, their house is haunted and calling phony psychics for help:.

The mother cries: “I would like to get a psychic, maybe help us through and see what’s going on. Is my house haunted, is my child haunted? I don’t know!”

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