Fantastic Photos of Burning Man Weirdness!

Sinful debauchery in the desert: Wife-swapping. Orgy tents. Drugs on tap. How evil, demon-possessed billionaires and overpaid Hollywood stars are flocking to Burning Man!

Nude man with two women! What weird SEXUAL STUFF are they doing at Burning Man with their genitalia, pray tell?

Well-endowed nude millionaire with two women! What weird SEXUAL STUFF is going on at Burning Man with exposed genitalia, pray tell?  When the man’s penis and the woman’s breasts and vagina are exposed, nasty, sinful acts of fornication are certain to occur!  Debauchery such as: Impregnation!  Chlamydia? Gonorrhea? SODOMY!

Go here to find out about all the SEXUAL STUFF…

Burning Man 2014

OH MY STARS! Look at all these fabulous WEIRD PHOTOS of what’s going on at Burning Man right now!   Not to be missed!  [See Burning Man website and the Burning Man Blog.  See "posts to page" at left for user-submitted photos on Facebook]  Who is being FUCKED right now in the 24 hour air-conditioned Burning Man ORGY Dome?  Who is running around NAKED right now?

Burning Man Photos


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