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Keep Your Mouth Off and Away from the Anus!

StupidLook at that. He’s licking that nasty ass hole as though it were a climaxing woman’s vagina! Dude, WTF? It’s NOT a vagina and there are unseen germs swallowed in this UNSAFE SEX practice that gives people Hepatitis, an incurable disease that destroys the liver. E-Coli can be had from swallowing saliva from the anus, as well as many other staph infections, that land you in the hospital!


Thinks Thats a Cunt
The muscles eventually stop working and you will shit yourself. You lose control of your anal muscles. There is no cure. You’ll have to wear adult diapers the rest of your life. Inserting huge objects in the anus, including huge penises, may damage your ability to control and/or hold your shit!

SLOB Woman Filmed Masturbating on Beach in Front of Everyone, Including Children

Crack Fiend
Put down the crack pipe, bitch.

On a crowded Spanish beach, a dirty slut fingers her cooter (uncensored version) while little kids watch, asking “what’s that lady in yellow doing to her pee-pee, mommy?” Story on Mirror (censored version).

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Man With No Scalp and Pockets Filled with Viagra Caught

Tommie Bennett was tackled to the ground and tied up with wire for having pockets filled with the sex drug Viagra.


“I just wanted to get me some pussy. I’m not a bad guy. It’s my dick. It kept bugging me to take Viagra and go search for the pussy it needed. I’m not a criminal, I swear!”

Vile Desecration of the Magical Black Onyx Healing Stone in the Search for “Inner Peace”!

Black Onyx Healing CrystalSexual-OdditiesThis is a Black Onyx Stone (or alternatively referred to as a “Chakrub” by its so-called founder).

The stone has been revered for thousands of years as a magical healing stone, believed by ancient mystics to help “alleviate fears and worries and to help you to feel comfortable within yourself and in your surroundings. It is also believed to promote stamina and vigor and to encourage the making of wise decisions.”


Creepy shopper ran all the way home with its Black Onyx to do nauseating things with it. Ugh.

NO! The Black Onyx is meant to be WORN — not stuck up the filthy anus or vagina as a dildo “to find inner peace with”! If the stone is used in a PROFANE WAY, the user will suffer “untold reprisal” from powers beyond our comprehensionDO NOT EVER DESECRATE A BLACK ONYX!

Read the Disgusting Details Here of one who did so: “How Alison Found “Inner Peace” with a Healing Crystal Dildo”

FYI ALISON: The Black Onyx is NOT called a “crystal.” It’s a STONE! There’s a big difference!  Get it right!


Stuff the eggs into the Ovis and shove it up your ass or pussy to have them melt and ooze slime out.
Stuff the eggs into the Ovipositor and shove it up your ass or pussy to have them melt and ooze slime out — or simply pop the eggs out to give the sensation of giving birth to an alien creature!

WTFA new dildo sex toy called the Ovipositor lays eggs made of gelatin in your ass or vagina to give you the “eggciting” feeling of having alien-like slimy eggs ooze out of your beloved orifice.  Watch the demonstration video below!

Horny Football Player Fired for Getting Pussy from Slut Fan on “Ladies Day” in the Dugout

Do-The-Pussy2Soccer Play Fucking in Dugout

Heterosexual-SexJay Hart, football player, is filmed by a nosy, anonymous dirty stinker, caught with his “eyes rolled back in a deep moment of coital bliss“ — his dick buried in an orifice of an unknown fat fan — cheating on his lovely girlfriend, Bryony Hibbert (pictured below).

Hart's girlfriend Bryony Hibbert is mad at the asshole who put the sex clip online.
Hart’s girlfriend Bryony Hibbert is mad at the asshole who put the sex clip online.

AssholeryThe dirty stinker who filmed Hart’s orgasmic moment naturally couldn’t wait to put the sex video on the Internet to ruin him — which succeeded, for Hart was fired for inserting his penis into the fan.

The sex video then mysteriously vanished from the Internet after successfully ruining a man’s life and likely his relationship with his girlfriend (see “He Begs His Girlfriend for Forgiveness”), all thanks to the piece of shit PIG with a cell phone who uploaded the sex video to the Internet hoping to become a big star.  Photo from Twitter.

“I was drunk, I’d had more than a few drinks, and I want to say I’m sorry to my family and everyone involved at Clitheroe. I regret that I did it, not that I got caught.” [Source]

Denied Sex, Girlfriend Pulls Gun on Boyfriend

When a boyfriend rejected his girlfriend’s sexual advances, she pulled a gun on him and threatened to shoot if he didn’t submit.

Not so smart Michelle Smart.
Not so smart Michelle Smart couldn’t get laid for shit, so she pulled a gun on boyfriend…