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SCUM McDonalds Worker Filmed Taunting Homeless Man with Burger (VIRAL VIDEO)

ScumbagThese people are ALL horrible fucking pigs. Turn volume up to hear the slobs in the car encourage the humiliation of the homeless man. And they thank the worker and drive off laughing.  A world full of morally bankrupt scum.

A McDonald’s employee is seen taunting a homeless man with a hamburger.  This jerk should be fired!

“Hey Willy, come here, do you want a sandwich,” the employee is heard saying. “Come on man, I’m going to give you a sandwich man, come on man.”

But when the homeless man goes up to the drive-thru window, the employee quickly puts the sandwich away and chucks a cup of water at him.

Woman Gives Cops False Story to “Get Attention” in Midwest Cop Killer Manhunt

Idiot Liar of the Day

False Report Kiefer

AssholeryOn Wednesday night, Kristin B. Kiefer, 30, called police and said she was driving and pulled over near a cornfield because she was having car trouble. Kiefer told officers a white man and a black man tried to get in her car. She said when she picked up her phone to call police, the two men fled into the cornfield.

More than 100 federal, state and local law enforcement officers descended on the area overnight. Eleven K9 officers and three aircraft also responded to the tip, costing a FORTUNE in resources, taking FIVE HOURS looking.

But Kiefer later admitted she fabricated the story because she was looking for attention.

Stories by Restaurant Employees Who Took Their Revenge on Terrible Customers

Die Bitch

In “Behind Closed Ovens,” vengeful restaurant employees write of their encounters with assholes who mistreat them and detail their revenge on them. Fun reading.


And then she threw her head back. Horked. And spat on my foot. A BIG, MUCOUSY glob of spit.

I was jolted out of my snowy paradise by the sound of a raspy-voiced woman yelling over the loudspeaker. “I SAID TACOS, YOU DUMB BITCH!” was the first thing I heard upon re-entering the kitchen. “I KNOW YOU FUCKING HAVE THEM! DUMB BITCH!”

After one last attempt to apologize and offer her anything but a taco, shit got real: “SHUT THE FUCKING WINDOW, YOU FUCKING CUNT,” she screamed at me while taking off her seat-belt. “SHUT THE FUCKING WINDOW SO I CAN BREAK IT, PULL YOUR FUCKING HEAD THROUGH AND DECAPITATE YOU! I WANT MY DAMN TACOS!”

VIDEO: Chicago Woman Shouts N-Word at Black Mom — Then Lectures Her About the Constitution

“Nigger!” Massion spits at the camera as the video begins. “Oh, of course you haven’t graduated and you don’t know the Constitution of the United States and what it says,” said Massion. “It’s called free speech in America. Right to free speech! Look it up!”

Honkey racist Angelle Marie Massion goes batshit crazy on black woman.
“White Privilege” racist honkey Angelle Marie Massion goes batshit crazy on black woman over being splashed by black kids at beach, feeling entitled to call the mother the n-word because the Constitution says free speech.

Crazy-People2When black children accidentally splashed white woman Angelle Marie Massion (pictured above) who was sitting at the edge of the water at the beach in Chicago, Massion flew into an angry, racist rant. Raquel Bolton posted video of the encounter to her Facebook page, writing, “Wow the hate is real!”  Internet sleuths have identified the woman as Chicago-area standup comic and sports blogger Angelle Marie “Puff” Massion.

Old White Man Puts Up 150 Confederate Flags in Yard to Antagonize Black Neighbors

[Click to Enlarge]
[Click to Enlarge]
AssholeryNeighbors are upset after an old white man put up a bunch of Confederate flags in his yard following the Charleston shooting. Edward West lives in a predominately African-American neighborhood.  Many say the Confederate flag is a symbol of racism because the South did not want to abolish slavery — which lead to the great Civil War between the North and South of the United States in the 1860s.  The North won in 1865 and slavery was indeed abolished by President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation.

Man’s Phone Records Doctors Talking Trash About Him While Under Anesthesia; He Sues and Wins $500,000

AssholeryKa-ching, ka-ching!  A man left the voice recorder on his phone on during his colonoscopy (i.e., butt exam) — and was completely shocked to learn what his medical team said about him while he was sedated — disgusting things that got the man half a million bucks in defamation and malpractice damages!  The Washington Post has the audio recordings.

“After five minutes of talking to you in pre-op, I wanted to punch you in the face and man you up a little bit,” his anesthesiologist, Dr. Tiffany Ingham, reportedly says in the recording.

When Ingham’s assistant points out a rash, the doctor tells her not to get “some syphilis on your arm or something,” before adding, “It’s probably tuberculosis in the penis, so you’ll be all right.”

The group also joked about the patient having Ebola.  KEEP READING

Hateful Petition To Remove Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner’s Olympic Medal Appears

AssholeryTurdThe petition argues that Bruce Jenner, now known as “Caitlyn” Jenner, should lose the medal he won in the decathlon at the 1976 Montreal games on the basis that “he has always believed herself to be truly female, and therefore, was in violation of committee rules regarding women competing in men’s sports and vice versa.” [Source: The Independent]

The Work of a Nasty, Vicious Slob

[Screencap of hateful petition.]
[Screencap of hateful petition. Click to enlarge.]


FLORIDA: 82-Year-Old Man Slashes Tires of Woman Who Took His Favorite Seat at Bingo

Fred Smith stormed out of the Lake Ashton Club House in Lake Wales, Florida, last Monday after Ethell Britt, 88, sat in his regular position and took an ice pick to the wheels of her van.

Fred Smith Mugshot Bingo

Scientist Bill Nye Called a “Fucking Asshole” After He Links Texas Floods to Climate Change

“Ochlocracy” or “mob rule” is the rule of government by a mob or a mass of people, or the intimidation of legitimate authorities as in “tyranny of the majority” — the rule of passion over reason, authority spoiled by corruption and ignorance of the majority.

People Who SuckUneducated, foul-mouthed climate change contrarians on Twitter attacked eminent scientist Bill Nye after the scholarly intellectual linked the flooding disaster in Texas to climate change.  Skeptics plagued with Climate Change Denial Disorder further the Contrarian notion that “Scientists Don’t Actually Know What’s Causing Extreme Weather” — a moronic statement, when in truth 97% of scientist do know what’s causing extreme weather. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know as well with evidence of the melting of Antarctica as well as the heavy snowfall last winter over Great Lakes and Boston, never before recorded, to name a few examples. Something’s definitely up and causing thousands to become homeless and property damage costing billions to repair. How about hurricane Katrina and the destruction of New Orleans, Rhode Island and New Jersey?

Statistics over the last 50 years do in fact show a disturbing rise in carbon dioxide in our atmosphere (from fossil fuels emitted by the tailpipes of cars, for example). Higher levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere cause a warmer atmosphere that holds more water vapor. When storms organize, all that additional stored water vapor in the atmosphere causes higher downfalls of rain and snow, therein causing unusual flooding and snowfall.

And the angry mob cried: "Destroy all scientists! We do not believe them!" With clubs and stones in hand they chased the literate ones down, cheering as they did murder."
“And the angry mob cried: ‘Destroy all scientists! We do not believe them!” With clubs and stones in hand they chased the literate ones down, cheering as they did murder.’ And so it is destined the ignorant mobs shall inherit the Earth… but will not flourish in survival without knowledge.” — Henry Socrates, 1936.

Racist Father Forbids His White Daughter From Attending Black Girl’s Birthday Party

AssholeryThe white girl wrote this note to her black girl friend saying she is forbidden to attend because her stinker racist father says she is black. “Harmony Jones, who is black, invited a white friend to her party on Friday night in Memphis, but the child received a stunning magic marker note in response: Her friend’s dad wouldn’t let her attend because of the birthday girl’s race.” [Video report here.]