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Spoiled Brat L.A. Rich Kid Uses “Faggot” Slur on Driver of Car He Damn Near Rear-Ended (VIDEO)

Punk son of a Hollywood screenwriter boasts about his “million dollar” Camaro after calling the driver he almost rear-ended a “faggot.” >

Kick This ASSHOLE Off the Air and Deport Him NOW!

Ever hear of Stan Soloman? He’s a loudmouth racist, extremist, right-wing pro-gun homophobe anti-government crackpot (have I left anything out?) who hosts a vulgar, foul-mouthed scream-fest radio show where he’s been screaming he’s glad Trayvon Martin is dead and “deserved to die.” He also hates gays, whom he calls “pieces of crap faggots” — especially [...]

Beach Bum Eats Lobster with Food Stamps

FOX News writes: Deadbeat California surfer avoids work at all costs, buys sushi and lobster with food stamps, and when he’s asked what he has to say to the American taxpayer? “Thanks!”

What Low-Life Section 8 Renters Did to “Mint House” (VIRAL)

Dirty filthy human rats damaged a Section 8 rental so bad it caused thousands of dollars in renovation costs to a home that the owner says in this video was in “mint condition.” You won’t believe the “incredible” FILTH and destruction the evicted woman and her pals left behind. Video going viral across the Web. [...]

Amy’s Baking Company Now Selling Obscene T-Shirt

Remember the whackjobs at Amy’s Baking Company?  Now the couple are selling filthy t-shirts to keep attention on them while they make their reality show where they insult and berate their customers. Pay to be Abused, Stupid

Gettin’ It On After the A-Bomb

For all those survivor freaks out there, here’s how they’ll be doing the bung hole after the suits push the button! There. Now you can sleep nights knowing life will go on.

Justin Bieber’s Penis-Touched Smartphone (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber puts a smartphone down his pants then tosses it to a fan around pos. 1:15 in the video below. Fans GO WILD over crotch-infected phone. Fans also went wild with glee when he hocked a big loogey and spat on them from a hotel balcony in Canada recently.  Dirty little mongrel needs to [...]