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Shovel-Wielding French Guy in Underpants Becomes Web Star

upside-down-worldProtesters in France were met by a man wearing nothing more than a T-shirt and his underwear attacking them with a shovel.  Since the picture of the shovel attack lunatic went viral online, the French guy has become an Internet star.  Go figure.

Web Star


Des militants de la LPO et des journalistes… by libezap

Saudi Arabian Man Confirms They Do Not Wear Underwear

Penis-Freaks2A Saudi Arabian man confirms what western civilization has long suspected… underwear is not worn beneath those flowing robes proven in a series of sinfully obscene, yet fascinating images of what appears to be quite a lengthy penis.




Portland Pooper

Police car sirens scream through the land in Portland, Oregon as hordes or armed cops hunt down a freak going around shitting in public places, causing anxiety for business owners and residents who hide inside their homes quivering in fear.

Below, the “Portland Pooper” is filmed shitting and wiping his bum in local news flashes as a huge police manhunt scavenges the land in search of the disgusting defecator. News media is showing his face so he can be identified and caught.

To Be Charged with “Offensive Littering”

CREEPY Upstairs Neighbors Intentionally TORTURE their Neighbor Below (VIDEO)

crazypeople1I can hear my creep’s recliner chair close whenever I make noise; he reacts to any sound I make and listens.  He gets up out of his chair and walks to the kitchen area directly above mine.  The floor creaks under his obese weight as he gets down to put his ear on his kitchen floor to listen to my activities with a thumping sound.  I also hear a tapping sound after he gets down, like a glass or stethoscope being used to listen to me.  It happens daily. Continue reading CREEPY Upstairs Neighbors Intentionally TORTURE their Neighbor Below (VIDEO)

Our Insane World #427

That’s one Thanksgiving turkey I don’t want on my table!  Click to enlarge the image to get the full creep factor of it.

Butt Chaser

Miss Thing slips on her feathery finery to visit the meat counter…

Grannys Red Coat

Can’t give up that cell phone for shit.

Flood Means Nothing As Long As Cell Works

Rates for every fifteen minutes…


Beautiful artwork for the home or office…

Beautiful Artwork for Home or Office

He Said “Piss in My Ass!” When I Laughed

StupidBloodstained Men & Their Friends want babies to keep that ugly overhanging skin that uncircumcised men have to clean underneath all the time to avoid foul-smelling smegma, a cheese-like substance that forms on the penis. Uncircumcised men are more than twice as likely to become infected with HIV. The “Bloodstained Men” movement is as nuts as anti-vaccination kooks.

Circumcision Horror

anti-vaxers welcomed