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Sewing Needles and Razor Blades Found in Halloween Candy

Our Sick WorldThere have been reports of tampering with Halloween candy and placing razor blades and sewing needles in candy bars nationwide.

Kids find sewing needles in FIVE Twix Halloween candy in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. Another incident finding a sewing needle in a Snickers candy in the same city.  See Kennett Square Police Probe.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

INDIANA Police Warn of Razor Blades in Halloween Candy

Halloween Candy Tampering

Dangerous Anarchist Group Says it Plans to Ambush Cops on Halloween

Our Sick WorldPolice departments nationwide on alert: The extremist group known as the National Liberation Militia has proposed a “Halloween Revolt” that encourages supporters to cause a disturbance to attract police and then viciously attack them, the FBI said.  The group has recommended that members wear typical Halloween masks and use weapons such as bricks, bottles and firearms, according to the release.



Get a load of the two freaks in the video below. One is a depraved nutbag who’s into sniffing stinking ass farts. The farter is happy to oblige his sniffer’s sick fetish and lets out godawful farts to fulfill his sniffer’s desire. He must’ve eaten Mexican food in preparation. Fuck, this world is full of crazies. It’s disturbing.


Viva La Mexico!

"The Best Fart Food Comes from Mexico"
“The Best Fart Food Comes from Mexico”

Woman Stabbed in Her Breast



SickIn this TORTURE VIDEO, Brutal thugs grab a girl and call her a bitch. They then shove her up against a wall and stick a big kitchen knife into her belly button and then into her breast. See more STABBING VIDEOS HERE.

HOAX or TRUE? Mother Stabs and Kills Her Baby — Posts Video Online for Baby’s Father to See (VIDEO)

A desperate plea to find this woman in the cesspool of New York who stabbed her child online to get revenge on the baby daddy.  Zaida Pugh on Facebook whose name appears in video gets LOADS OF HATE comments for her sick performance, according to Snopes.

“The baby is dead so it don’t matter!” She shouts.

Man Has Huge, 10-Year-Long Festering Pus-Filled Cyst Squeezed Out of the Back of His Neckypoo (VIRAL VIDEO)

“The disturbing video was recorded in Houston, Texas at the office of Dr. John Gilmore. A man, only known by the name Raymond…” describes Mad World News.

VIDEO: Crazy Dude Says “I Want AIDS — I Want Everything About AIDS”

SickCreepy guy’s disturbing chat about he wants to be infected and “consumed by AIDS.”  Must be some bad chemicals in that cigarette he’s puffing on.

“AIDS is a great thing. A wonderful thing.”

[From this very sick and disturbing adult NSFW blog.]