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HOLIDAY SHOPPING IDEAS! The Scrote ‘N’ Tote Backpack

Holiday ShoppingAccording to this guy’s crowdfunding product demo, the Scrote ‘N’ Tote is “the world’s first, fully-functional, human scrotum napsack.” Give the world the gift of Scrotes.™ Only $69 for a very limited time on Indiegogo.

Scrote-n-Tote Product

Holiday Shopping Already? A Suggestion if You Please!

Holiday ShoppingWhat a clever way to let him know you think he’s a dirty rat lying cheat on Christmas morning than with The Rat Thong? Whisper sweet nothings in his ear before bedtime, such as: “You know the drill! If you cheated on me today, slip on the rat thong! Or you don’t get any nookie!”

Rat Thong
HIS DICK will be stuffed in with taxidermy rats!  How warm and loving a thought is that?

Cat Neck Support Uses “Vegan Leather Fabric” — WTF?

Vegan Leather Fabric Cat Neck Support
Kinda creepy in a way, but fun…

A support pillow/headrest for your car is claimed to be made out of “Vegan leather fabric.”

WAIT… “Vegan” leather fabric? Huh?  Apparently it’s something new and is “literally and figuratively, petroleum” that emits chemicals harmful to environment and factory workers.  More about the strange buzzword “vegan leather” from WiseGeek.

[Screencap of Etsy Product]
[Screencap of Etsy Product]

You might also like the EMERGENCY TAMPON NECKLACE, which is used to carry tampons for those “in need of immediate menstrual assistance.”


Emergency Tampon Necklace
Show off to the world your emergency menstrual kit.

Company Created New “Human Organs” — Ears That Use Brain Waves

“We created new human’s organs that use brain wave sensor. “Necomimi“is the new communication tool that augments human’s body and ability. “Necomimi” will be released in the end of this year. Price, color and any other gadgets are undecided.” [Facebook]

Vile Desecration of the Magical Black Onyx Healing Stone in the Search for “Inner Peace”!

Black Onyx Healing CrystalSexual-OdditiesThis is a Black Onyx Stone (or alternatively referred to as a “Chakrub” by its so-called founder).

The stone has been revered for thousands of years as a magical healing stone, believed by ancient mystics to help “alleviate fears and worries and to help you to feel comfortable within yourself and in your surroundings. It is also believed to promote stamina and vigor and to encourage the making of wise decisions.”


Creepy shopper ran all the way home with its Black Onyx to do nauseating things with it. Ugh.

NO! The Black Onyx is meant to be WORN — not stuck up the filthy anus or vagina as a dildo “to find inner peace with”! If the stone is used in a PROFANE WAY, the user will suffer “untold reprisal” from powers beyond our comprehensionDO NOT EVER DESECRATE A BLACK ONYX!

Read the Disgusting Details Here of one who did so: “How Alison Found “Inner Peace” with a Healing Crystal Dildo”

FYI ALISON: The Black Onyx is NOT called a “crystal.” It’s a STONE! There’s a big difference!  Get it right!


Stuff the eggs into the Ovis and shove it up your ass or pussy to have them melt and ooze slime out.
Stuff the eggs into the Ovipositor and shove it up your ass or pussy to have them melt and ooze slime out — or simply pop the eggs out to give the sensation of giving birth to an alien creature!

WTFA new dildo sex toy called the Ovipositor lays eggs made of gelatin in your ass or vagina to give you the “eggciting” feeling of having alien-like slimy eggs ooze out of your beloved orifice.  Watch the demonstration video below!

BREAKING NEWS: The “Spork” Has Been Redesigned

All over the world people are talking about the miraculous redesign of the SPORK, a spoon/fork utensil the inventor has updated and renamed to the “tritensil” — that combines a fork, knife, and spoon.  The inventor hopes this update will change the way humans eat with utensils forever more.

Are YOU as thrilled as we are about the new Tritensil?

Spork Redesigned

Drought Shower Curtain that ATTACKS YOU, Has Been Invented

A shower curtain based on medieval TORTURE techniques has been invented by a clever designer for the drought-ridden state of California.  After FOUR MINUTES of showering, the shower curtain inflates into SPIKES that poke the water user to stop!

“Truly a terrifying thing… to be forced to shower for only 4 minutes before being poked in my lower orifices by a shower curtain spike!”

Inflatable Shower Curtain