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Space Alien Filmed in Mexico Watching Family (VIRAL)

A terrifying moment caught on camera of an alien on the roof of a home in Mexico.

“In the outskirts of Nuevo Laredo city, in broad daylight – the owner of a ranch, hearing strange noises outside the house, decided to investigate. Using the camera of his telephone, he got film an elusive alien being. With humanoid features, the creature apparently was naked exhibiting an extremely pink skin, moving on the roof of the residence. He was agile, slender, had long arms and legs, small head. Perceiving he was being watched, the stranger fled, got out of the rancher field of vision, who wasn’t identified in the reportage. The video about the occurrence, in Spanish – was posted in Youtube by a local television news, El Mañana. Preliminary analysis of the material showed that the images have no cuts, animations or transition effects, indicative of the footage authenticity.”

Ghost Appears on Security Camera at Nightclub

CCTV taken in a “haunted” bar which shows a ghostly figure moving down a hallway has been described as some of the “best paranormal footage” ever filmed. The bar has a history of strange unexplainable events with staff and contractors complaining of an eerie and uncomfortable atmosphere.

[Or could it be a clever advertising/publicity ruse to attract CUSTOMERS to the newly opened establishment? What better way to draw people’s attention to a place than to say it’s haunted — even getting their place on TV.–Ed.]

UFO Experts Are Convinced THIS Is An Actual Alien Craft! (VIDEO)


The flying saucer was allegedly filmed by two independent witnesses hovering in the skies over the border between the US and Mexico border!

“Both eyewitnesses say they heard no noise… But felt some kind of invisible vibration. They could not explain it any better… the size estimated was about the size of a large SUV — 20-30 feet!  The large craft rotating in the sky was approximately 300 to 500 feet above them.”


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Murder Suspect Claims To Be Haunted by Ghost of Victim

Daniel French says he has apologized to the apparition of an old lady he murdered, which he claims has appeared to him several times.

“It wasn’t my intention to choke her to death. I was just trying to get her to black out and she wouldn’t. I choked her to death.”


Hospital Worker Claims To Have Taken Picture of Ghost in Children’s Ward

A transparent figure of a LONG DEAD human is seen in a hospital worker’s photo gone unnoticed until closer examination!

Childrens Ward Ghost


Childrens Ward Ghost ORIGINAL

Two Stories of Children’s Reincarnation

Reincarnation. What happens when we die and are the dead reborn into new lives?

James started having nightmares at age two, later telling parents he was shot down in a plane and trying to get out of being trapped in the plane.

Learn about what happens here.

Sometimes it is believed a number of spirits, let’s say in the same family grouping in heaven, reincarnate simultaneously into lives that will have a great deal of interaction. Is this so, and how is this organized so that a group can reincarnate together?

Yes, this is so, and how it is done is just by knowing that there will be life experiences where these individuals will cross paths, sometimes it will be very intense and very involved and other times it will be just passing through each others lives but leaving a great impact upon one another. It is not something that can always be understood but as you have recently experienced there are certain individuals you feel a much stronger bond with than others and that is because you have come from the same spiritual families and your paths are crossing, whether it be again for such a very brief period or you are to come involved and share a strong intimate friendship.

How will they recognize each other on earth?

It is recognized by this feeling of a connection, of a bond that says I know you, which is reached many times on a subconscious level that you, as a human, can’t even understand. Sometimes it is individuals who come into your life who you might not feel a bonding with, but you feel you are learning a lesson from that person for a reason. Or rather, sometimes it can be an uncomfortable feeling around that person, more than you would feel around another person. And it’s because you are sharing lessons together.

Ghost Hunter Allegedly Contacts Spirit of B.B. King

After legendary guitarist B.B. King, passed away on May 14, 2015. Not 24 hours later, Steve Huff from Huff Paranormal, acting on the urging of his fans, conducted a spirit box session in an attempt to communicate with the guitar legend. He then uploaded the video online to his YouTube channel (below). This attempt at communicating with the dead has outraged several, who viewed the stunt as “offensive.”