SICK INTERNET: Orgasming Woman Flipping in Spasms on Bed (ADULT, NSFW)

VIOLENT ORGASMSBlood’s plunging prick causes woman to have a tremendous orgasm — violently flipping her midsection up and down uncontrollably on the bed as she experiences vaginal contractions of orgasm and uncontrollable spasms starting at pos. 02:53 in the video.  When he enters her again she cries in pain from his big prick’s entrance into her still-spasming vagina, but he continues pounding her despite her cries, covering her mouth to muffle her.  His pounding causes her to have another violent orgasm at pos. 04:08 and Blood jumps off her as she flips her body around on the bed like a fish out of water, shrieking from the spasms racing through her body.  To quiet her down, Blood slaps her face at the end.

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