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HOLIDAY SHOPPING IDEAS! The Scrote ‘N’ Tote Backpack

Holiday ShoppingAccording to this guy’s crowdfunding product demo, the Scrote ‘N’ Tote is “the world’s first, fully-functional, human scrotum napsack.” Give the world the gift of Scrotes.™ Only $69 for a very limited time on Indiegogo.

Scrote-n-Tote Product

The Weird Wide Web

Jeannie’s Halloween Party

Barbara Eden Halloweenie

Fish Snatch

EARTH 3015
EARTH 3015 (click image to enlarge fantastic art)

“Nuthin’ like fresh mountain water…”

Nothing Like Fresh Mountain Water

Sod grass in dorm room.
Sod grass in dorm room (click to enlarge).

NEVER Shave Your Chest Hair! Adam Champ is Mr. Hairy (Go Here)

Hairy Man Luv
More photos of this homo erotic hairy man worship.

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Strange “Lion Dog” Hybrid Filmed Wandering in Remote Park (VIDEO)


ApeshitApeshit ensued after a man gave authorities video of a lion sighting in a park, but upon close examination of the video’s ending, something quite shocking is revealed about the creature… HEH-HEH

[Source: UPI]

Holiday Shopping Already? A Suggestion if You Please!

Holiday ShoppingWhat a clever way to let him know you think he’s a dirty rat lying cheat on Christmas morning than with The Rat Thong? Whisper sweet nothings in his ear before bedtime, such as: “You know the drill! If you cheated on me today, slip on the rat thong! Or you don’t get any nookie!”

Rat Thong
HIS DICK will be stuffed in with taxidermy rats!  How warm and loving a thought is that?