Military Guys Tricked Online Into Uploading Their Nude Photos to Creepy Guys Posing As Women

This nice looking soldier was TRICKED into giving his naked photos, which are being posted on lurid gay sex blogs on Tumblr:


DECEPTIVE TRICKERY: There are many blogs online featuring photos of actual military men who were tricked into uploading their nude photos and videos in chat rooms and social sex sites, lured into doing it by other men posing as interested females.  The nasty photos are then reposted on gay blogs on Tumblr, for example, such as Military Boys Unleashed and others to shame them.  The straight naval pilot from Pensacola, Florida pictured below has had his nude photos redistributed over 2,000 times on gay blogs.  A despicable practice, but the unsuspecting men should know better when it comes to the weird Internet.  It’s possible that many of them are actually gay, which is OK to be in the military today.UPDATE: MORE DISGUSTING MILITARY LINKS:

UPDATE:  More tricked photos here.  And here.  And here.  And here.  And here.  Don’t miss:  G.I. Guys

Military Dick

Major Dad’s Military Nudes

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