Keep Your Mouth Off and Away from the Anus!

StupidLook at that. He’s licking that nasty ass hole as though it were a climaxing woman’s vagina! Dude, WTF? It’s NOT a vagina and there are unseen germs swallowed in this UNSAFE SEX practice that gives people Hepatitis, an incurable disease that destroys the liver. E-Coli can be had from swallowing saliva from the anus, as well as many other staph infections, that land you in the hospital!


Thinks Thats a Cunt
The muscles eventually stop working and you will shit yourself. You lose control of your anal muscles. There is no cure. You’ll have to wear adult diapers the rest of your life. Inserting huge objects in the anus, including huge penises, may damage your ability to control and/or hold your shit!

MUGSHOT TELLS ALL: Florida Woman Calls 911, Orders Wings and Cigarettes

Wings and Cigarettes Ordered on 911

“Lake County Deputies responded to an apartment complex in Clermont on Wednesday evening after the Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call from a woman who stated she would pass out if she didn’t get chicken wings and cigarettes. The caller, 45-year-old Liann Watson, told responding deputies she had been drinking and was unable to drive; therefore, she called 911 to ask someone to bring her chicken wings and cigarettes.” SORDID DETAILS HERE

MUST-SEE! Man Picks up $21.5 MILLION for Getting Hit on the Head by Sliding Door (VIDEO)

Injustice-ServedAnd the rich keep getting richer! Just get bumped by a sliding door and YOU cash in big! Watch this video. Do you think that bump on the head was worth $21.5 million? The court seemed to think so!  Apparently that bump caused a “brain injury” — seriously?   Read about it here.


Trump2016-TransDonald Trump Rally in Iowa Central Community College, Fort Dodge, IA – Nov. 12, 2015, where he does his now epic “pathological” rant on candidate Ben Carson…. HEH-HEH! But it’s more than that, he brings up some real eye-opening stuff most people aren’t even aware of. Interesting stuff.

Pres. Obama’s Statement on Paris Terrorist Bloodbath (VIDEO)

Pres. Obama in White House briefing room to make a statement of support for Paris after today’s horrific slaughter of over 140+ innocent people gunned down in a planned act of terrorism. Very sad for the slain people and their grieving families.

“One of the Hottest Dom/Sub Sessions Ever Filmed” Gay Porn Junkies Praise (ADULT)



A young “twink” submits to the sexual prowess of big-dicked Puerto Rican Antonio Biaggi (Wiki) in a sweaty, rampant sex session that the gay community declares is a cult classic.

See the Antonio Biaggi Favorite List featuring more of Biaggi’s superb sexual skills — then Tweet your tribute to Biaggi on Twitter.  Aside from all the sex smut, Biaggi is an animal rights activist living in SanFrancisco, CA and appears to be an all around nice guy, so don’t judge.  His website is (ADULT)

Crazy Lady Tells Katy Perry’s Father His Daughter is Wicked and Demonic (MUST-SEE)

A real scary religious fanatic nutcase ran up to singer Katy Perry’s father spewing all sorts of demon bullshit about his daughter’s “wicked” videos corrupting her son.

“Katy Perry is one of the most wicked, satanic music artists out there!  YOUR DAUGHTER IS WICKED!”

Brainwashing Hypnosis for Gays to Submit to Heterosexual Men as Slaves

Our Sick WorldThere’s a whole slew more of this creepy “erotic hypnosis for men” nonsense on Master Josh’s YouTube channel. “Master” Josh asks gay men to give him money online in “tribute” to his heterosexual control over gay men who are submissive, foolish with their money and want to be dominated by an aggressive, foul-mouthed heterosexual male (it’s supposed to be a “fetish” you see). Sheesh, there are a LOT of creepy people out there doing weird shit like this… it’s rather disturbing. Maybe the apocalypse should come!

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