Crazy Lady Tells Katy Perry’s Father His Daughter is Wicked and Demonic (MUST-SEE)

A real scary religious fanatic nutcase ran up to singer Katy Perry’s father spewing all sorts of demon bullshit about his daughter’s “wicked” videos corrupting her son.

“Katy Perry is one of the most wicked, satanic music artists out there!  YOUR DAUGHTER IS WICKED!”

Brainwashing Hypnosis for Gays to Submit to Heterosexual Men as Slaves

Our Sick WorldThere’s a whole slew more of this creepy “erotic hypnosis for men” nonsense on Master Josh’s YouTube channel. “Master” Josh asks gay men to give him money online in “tribute” to his heterosexual control over gay men who are submissive, foolish with their money and want to be dominated by an aggressive, foul-mouthed heterosexual male (it’s supposed to be a “fetish” you see). Sheesh, there are a LOT of creepy people out there doing weird shit like this… it’s rather disturbing. Maybe the apocalypse should come!

Astronomers Discover New Closest Earth-Like World

GJ 1132b is the closest Earth-like world yet found by scientists orbiting a star just 39 light years away.


An artist's rendering of GJ 1132b, the closest Earth-sized rocky exoplanet yet discovered. Photo by MIT/Dana Berry
An artist’s rendering of GJ 1132b, the closest Earth-sized rocky exoplanet yet discovered. Photo by MIT/Dana Berry

Anti-Gay Facebook Nuts Troll Campbell’s Soup Angry Over The “Two Dads” Commercial

The Flames of Hate and Bigotry Run Strong in Sick America

A homosexual "married" couple is featured prominently with a young boy (their son) in the new Campbell Soup advertisement.
A homosexual “married” couple is featured prominently with a young boy (their son) in the new Campbell Soup advertisement has haters’ panties all in an uproar.



Campbell’s soup is under fire by online whackos over their “two gay fathers” Star Wars commercial and are getting trolled on their Facebook page in Visitor’s Comments section by mena old flame-war religious fanatic bigots!  Oh for shame, for shame!

Meet Debra Payton and her “gay soup” hate post on Facebook and don’t miss the comments!


Campbells Bigots

“Die You Bitch” Shouted Controlling Husband & Then Slashed His Wife’s Throat

Die You BitchPaul Temple and his son tracked and caught his wife cheating on him and took revenge on her by slashing the deceitful woman’s throat.  Temple was cleared of attempted murder.

“Their son Dean helped his father and listened outside where he could hear his mother and the man having sex inside the house, reporting event back to Temple.  The vengeful husband then lay in wait for his wife when she arrived back at their home in Stockton on Tees and, seething, asked her if she’d enjoyed herself.  When Mrs Temple confirmed that she had, he told her she was going to die, grabbed a knife from a kitchen drawer and plunged it into her shoulder, puncturing her lung. He then drew the blade across her neck and yelled ‘die you bitch’.”

Taser-Happy Cops Taser Black Man 20 Times, Murdering Him — Cops Get Promoted

“Why are you trying to kill me, man?” and pleads with them to stop the tasering, saying, “don’t do it, please don’t do it, please officers.”

TASER-HAPPY COPS grab man from motel room, shackle him, taser him more than 20 times and kill him.



SickDead babies exhumed and thrown away like trash because parents can’t afford cemetery plot in Guatemala. Each year, Guatemala City’s cemetery workers use sledgehammers to break open crypts belonging to babies and children, simply because their poverty-stricken families can no longer afford the $24 rent on the plot.


Dead Babies Dug Up Guatamala


Dead Babies Guatamala Dig Up Graves

Giant Scrotum Flies Through The Skies of LA on Drone (VIRAL)

Denizens of Los Angeles run in fear from a prankster’s drone flying giant testicles over the land.

“People Have Their Minds in the Gutter 24/7 Nowadays and Seem Quite Proud of It…” Remarked Polly Prude.

Popular Beauty Blogger Covers Her Face with Men’s Sperm DAILY (VIDEO)

grossOn her beauty blog, mother of two Tracy Kiss says applying HUMAN MEN’S SPERM to her face keeps her skin soft and healthy-looking — she puts sperm on her face DAILY, delivered in a jar by anonymous donors (her husband is not in the picture, probably got tired jizzing for his wife‘s nasty nutball beauty routine).  See Tracy Kiss YouTube channel.