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Evil Girl Wakes Up Guys with Mouse Traps Attached to their Balls (VIDEO)



Penis-Freaks2Cruel wake up prank by crazy girl. Not funny. Attach one to her clit and let her feel the agonizing pain!  Why damage a guy’s penis?  Stupid move, ladies!  If it’s damaged, he can’t fuck you, stupid!  Meaning no more orgasms for you!  GET IT?

VIRAL VIDEO: Pink Haired Woman Explains Why She Doesn’t Want to Work and Why She Should Get Free Money

“I think I should be given free money. Why work for money? Like why not just have fun and games? That’s what I’m all about.”

Doesnt Want to Work

The epitome of today’s entitled millennials. She says getting a job “takes up too much time and she doesn’t want to deal with people. Why work for money? I don’t believe in working.”  Her cringe-worthy 10-minute video will have your jaw dropping.   Well, at least she’s being honest about it, right?  Read the hate comments on this source link (scroll down, luv!).


Filthy Woman Pees in Parking Garage Entrance

Slob ducks into a parking garage entrance off the street, pulls her stretch pants down and shoots out a bunch of pee like a horse, then hikes her pants back up and walks off, as if the unfeminine act of sublime filth she just did was perfectly OK.

Woman Puts Deer Tongue in Her Cunt — Gets Hospitalized


SickA woman thought a long tongue she severed from a deer her husband brought home from a hunting trip would make a great sex toy. The vile thing got stuck inside her vagina and she left it inside, forgetting about it until a foul stench began happening…

She went to her gynecologist who wrote this shocking report:

“During the exam, I was utterly shocked with what I had found. Never in my 33 years of practice have I seen anything like this,” Dr. Lee told the American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology. “What I removed from the woman, looked like a long tongue, but certainly not a human tongue. Then, what she admitted to her husband after the exam, was even more disturbing.” KEEP READING

Chick Breaks Into Guy’s House & Tries to Suck His Dick — He Calls the Cops!

“The man told a Williamson County Sheriff’s Office deputy that he “awoke to the feeling of an unknown party on top of him,” adding that he “felt the offender place his penis in her mouth.”

Crime Does Not PayThe Smoking Gun — Penis-Freaks2Megan Davis Hoelting was arrested and charged after allegedly breaking into the home of her husband’s friend, stripped and got into bed with the sleeping man, fondled his genitalia and tried to perform oral sex on him.  When the guy awoke she would not get off him so he called the police…

Her Crime?  She Tried To Suck Her Husband’s Friend’s Dick!


EUUUU! Woman Makes Butter from Her Own Breastmilk — Then Eats It

Woman makes butter from her own breast milk - then eats it
Butter from breast milk (Picture: Imgur)

A woman has made butter out of her own breast milk and then eaten it.

Reddit user WhatMichelleDoes spent around an hour shaking breast milk she had drained from herself until tiny beads of butter began to form.

Michelle, who posted photographs of her ‘butter’ on Imgur and Reddit, then admitted she had tried some of the homemade concoction.

She said she ate it straight without any bread or salt.


Three-Boobed FLORIDA Woman Held Teen in Cage as Her Hostage Sex Slave

Three Breasted Woman Horror2
Attention Whoring to the Max

The incredible tres titty woman of FLORIDA, known as “Jasmine Tridevil” (selfie at left with her iPhone), has been keeping a dark secret: storing an 18-year-old in her dungeon in a cage, torturing him.  She admits to being a sicko dominatrix who enjoys inflicting pain on men, but swears she never had sex with the teenUh-huh.

As you recall, the incredible three-boobed woman of Florida swore she got that third breast implant to scare men away from dating her.  It turns out she was keeping a young stud (pictured below posing for a dick pic selfie with his iPhone) around to service her instead.  Man, I swear there’s something in the water supply in Florida making its residents insane.

She Carved Her Name on Her House Boy

Three Breasted Woman Horror
Visitors to the site want to know one thing: “Did he titty fuck her?”

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