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Nut is Sending Nevada Judge Creepy Christmas Cards

Christmas Card to Judge

Sept. 3 update to this weird crime story about some sort of bomb device found planted near the Judge’s home.  Cops still have not located the weirdo seen in a sedan on security video.

CreepyCarson City Judge Tatro has been receiving threatening Christmas cards in the mail by an unknown freak after someone shot two bullets at his home. Then a man was charged soliciting to kill Judge Tatro. Tatro apparently has another sicko enemy on the Internet who claims the Judge is corrupt and treasonous: JudgeTatroScandals.com AND here’s another not-so-friendly website about the judge: NevadaStatePersonnelWatch.com and RipOffReport.com has a complaint report on the Judge.

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Nauseating Body Modification of the Tongue

HINT for Millennials: In case you haven’t noticed, the tongue organ is supposed to exit the MOUTH, not a slit cut in your CHIN, get it?  Oh yeah, I’m worried for the future of the world.  Really worried.


Nauseating Tongue Body Modification
We’re soooooo jealous.

Vile Desecration of the Magical Black Onyx Healing Stone in the Search for “Inner Peace”!

Black Onyx Healing CrystalSexual-OdditiesThis is a Black Onyx Stone (or alternatively referred to as a “Chakrub” by its so-called founder).

The stone has been revered for thousands of years as a magical healing stone, believed by ancient mystics to help “alleviate fears and worries and to help you to feel comfortable within yourself and in your surroundings. It is also believed to promote stamina and vigor and to encourage the making of wise decisions.”


Creepy shopper ran all the way home with its Black Onyx to do nauseating things with it. Ugh.

NO! The Black Onyx is meant to be WORN — not stuck up the filthy anus or vagina as a dildo “to find inner peace with”! If the stone is used in a PROFANE WAY, the user will suffer “untold reprisal” from powers beyond our comprehensionDO NOT EVER DESECRATE A BLACK ONYX!

Read the Disgusting Details Here of one who did so: “How Alison Found “Inner Peace” with a Healing Crystal Dildo”

FYI ALISON: The Black Onyx is NOT called a “crystal.” It’s a STONE! There’s a big difference!  Get it right!

WHITE TRASH Couple Filmed Having Sex Outside Dollar Store (VIDEO)

Dollar Store Sex
“If I were there I would have given him some REAL GOOD HEAD before he stuck it in that fat hoe’s cunt!”

“When officers arrived, they found Folco and Bonsante behind the Family Dollar store. Police observed that Folco’s zipper was down, but the pair denied having sex in public view, and they were released. But that was not the end of it… THANKS TO A SNITCH WITH A CELL PHONE CAMERA who FILMED them doing the nasty and put their public sex on Facebook!”

WTFDanny Folco, 33, and Jennifer Bonsante, 35, first told Woonsocket, Rhode Island cops they were just fooling around and not having sex in broad daylight in front of the dollar store and were let go. But when this video of them having sex circulated on several Internet social media sites went viral, which showed the pair having sex while leaning against a wall at the shopping plaza, they were apprehended and arrested for indecent exposure.