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STUPID PORN OF THE MONTH: Annoying Roommate Horns In (ADULT, NSFW)

Stupid PornRoommate annoyed by her roommate hogging the bathroom making her late for work all the time, so she decides to hog her roommate’s boyfriend’s big dick in revenge!

So she busts in the bathroom with her video camera to find her nasty roommate engaged in giving head to some hot guy she brought home. The two women argue, but the annoyed roommate armed with the camera soon gets in on the action sharing the guy’s massive pecker, much to the dismay of her roommate.

Watch more of what happened after the two sucked his cock together (hint: their sweet young peaches get brutally fucked by the hot guy)…


[If you’re gay you might like the creepy masked dude.]

Kooky Woman Pepper-Sprays Black Bear as She Begs the Animal Not to Eat Her Kayak

Instead of running for her life, a kooky woman tries to get close to a giant black bear to pepper-spray it in the face over the animal gnawing on her kayak instead of her. Guess her mommy didn’t tell her black bears are killers who like to gnaw on human flesh.

World’s Most Annoying Woman

Either Be Beaten With The Whip or Have XBox Run Over By Car

AssholeryAsshole offers kid two options: be beaten with his belt or take son’s XBox away.   Father then runs over the XBox with his car as kid screams Holy Hell.  The “father” thinks he’s so dern right he posts the video online.

Woman Gives Cops False Story to “Get Attention” in Midwest Cop Killer Manhunt

Idiot Liar of the Day

False Report Kiefer

AssholeryOn Wednesday night, Kristin B. Kiefer, 30, called police and said she was driving and pulled over near a cornfield because she was having car trouble. Kiefer told officers a white man and a black man tried to get in her car. She said when she picked up her phone to call police, the two men fled into the cornfield.

More than 100 federal, state and local law enforcement officers descended on the area overnight. Eleven K9 officers and three aircraft also responded to the tip, costing a FORTUNE in resources, taking FIVE HOURS looking.

But Kiefer later admitted she fabricated the story because she was looking for attention.

STUPID Pat Robertson: “TV Crew Shooting Happened Because People are Scared to Stop a Black ‘Closet Gay’

Senile delinquent Pastor Robertson comments on yesterday’s murders of a live TV news crew who were shot on live TV by Vester Flanagan, a.k.a. Bryce Williams, a disgruntled, gay, black former employee of the TV station.

Taco Bell Worker Wrote This on Cop’s Order

Taco Bell Order to Cop

The employee who wrote it was swiftly fired.  Like I’ve written before, you don’t know what the creepy people who work in fast food joints are doing to your food behind the scenes.  Steer clear of those places and cook your own food at home — you won’t get diarrhea so often.

Lunatic Teen Jumps Off Tower of London Bridge in YouTube Dare Stunt and GETS INFECTION from the FILTHY WATER (VIDEO)


Teen filmed by friends leaping 213 feet into the dangerous filthy, polluted, frigid waters of the Thames River in London, England and now regrets doing the video.

“After being treated for exhaustion and an infection brought on by the filthy water he swallowed, Faisal was released and returned to his home to recover…”

FAKE Gay Baker Attacks Gays for Bullying Homophobic Christian Bakers Who Refuse to Make Same-Sex Wedding Cakes

Obviously a fake gay. Ridiculously overdone effeminate fake gay accent and affect he uses in his video. And THAT HAIR… no self-respecting gay man would get around looking like a cockatiel. A phony Christian right-winger trying to hoax you.

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Pat Robertson: Gays Will Force Christians To Like Anal Sex and Bestiality

Pat Robertson warns gay people will force you to embrace anal sex, endorse sex with dogs.

Submit to Anal Sex, Christian! Like it, LIKE IT!

Pat's fantasy of gays forcing Christians to love anal sex.
Pat’s fantasy of evil gays forcing Christians to like anal sex.

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Walmart Makes ISIS Cake, But Refuses to Make Confederate Flag Cake (VIDEO)

When Walmart customer Chuck Netzhammer asked Walmart’s bakery department to make him a Confederate flag-themed cake, he was flat out rejected.  But when he requested they make him a cake with the ISIS terrorist flag on it, the store complied. See his SALES RECEIPTS.