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Uber Driver Attacked, Sprays Asshole with Pepper Spray

UPDATE! The drunk attacker was a Taco Bell executive and he’s been fired from his job because of the attack.

“Uber drivers don’t get paid enough to deal with this shit.”

Attacked Uber Driver

A vicious drunk who beat up this Uber driver has been caught and arrested.  Read full story on YouTube

“We went back and fourth a bit before I told him if he didnt get out i would call the police. At which point he opened his door and began beating me over the head. I fumbled with the safety on the pepper spray while trying to protect my face with my other arm, I broke free from him grabbing me by the hair on the back of my head, and sprayed his face until he got out of the car, at which point i left the vehicle. Uber drivers don’t get paid enough to deal with this shit.”

Crazy Neighbor Sprays Guys Trying to Fix Wall, Hoping They’ll Fall (VIDEO)

“If you fall I hope you both die!”

Published on Oct 31, 2015:  “Came back to Canada. My brother has been in a battle with his next door Neighbor. She does not want to give him access to the side of the house to fix the mortar on his brick house. The rain is seeping through and doing damage and to get scaffolding up its about 30k for the work. Winter is coming. We decided to rappel off the chimney to fix the wall ourselves. Mind you in a gynecologist and he’s an ophthalmologist not our cup of tea. We’d rather be hanging out with the family today. The police were called and they informed us we are not doing anything illegal. This lady is an English professor that specialized in Shakespeare. Now watch what happened.”

He tells cops his blood sugar is low as an excuse.
He tells cops his blood sugar is low as an excuse.


HOAX or TRUE? Mother Stabs and Kills Her Baby — Posts Video Online for Baby’s Father to See (VIDEO)

A desperate plea to find this woman in the cesspool of New York who stabbed her child online to get revenge on the baby daddy.  Zaida Pugh on Facebook whose name appears in video gets LOADS OF HATE comments for her sick performance, according to Snopes.

“The baby is dead so it don’t matter!” She shouts.

Strange “Lion Dog” Hybrid Filmed Wandering in Remote Park (VIDEO)


ApeshitApeshit ensued after a man gave authorities video of a lion sighting in a park, but upon close examination of the video’s ending, something quite shocking is revealed about the creature… HEH-HEH

[Source: UPI]