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Pterodactyl Spotted Flying Over Boise, Idaho! (VIDEO)

Extinct Bird Filmed

DAILY MAIL — The prehistoric extinct giant reptile bird dinosaur is filmed flying over Boise, Idaho.  Has some radical genetics scientist cloned the deadly prehistoric creature and released it into the environment to feed on humans?  Experts are checking the authenticity of the video.

Interview with a Weird Satanist Guy (VIRAL)

:-) Get a load of how The Weird Satanist Guy talks and his facial movements at the unveiling of a satanic statue Detroit, Michigan. The Weird Satanist Guy, also known as Onyx the Fortuitous (a.k.a. Weird Gamer Guy) is on YouTube as Andrew Bowser AND his AndrewBowserDirector YouTube channel.

Onyx the Fortuitous (“Weird Gamer Guy”):

Dinner and a Show at McDonalds (VIRAL)

WTF LunaticCops taser a druggy high on meth numerous times as McDonalds customers chow down their grub watching the show.

[Good crime/copper video except for the annoying hag screeching in the background.]

Father Confronts Pervert in Walmart (VIDEO)

A father goes after a creep whom he saw taking pictures of his daughter in Walmart.  See Daily Mail for story.

Watch stupid’s really shitty cell video. Some people can’t handle a camera for shit.

Crazy Woman Has Meltdown Over Kebabs (Viral)

AssholeryA very rude woman shouts at Spanish-speaking employees over their usage of their language and tells them to be polite to the customer while she acts like an asshole shouting and insulting them after they got her stupid ass kebabs order wrong, using green peppers instead of red peppers, saying “her kids don’t eat green things.” Nothing the employees say pleases Ms. Entitled.

“If you want to be polite to the customer, then you speak English,” barks the impolite customer. “My kids don’t eat green things, they eat red peppers!”

“Racist Tap” Only Dispenses Soap to People with White Skin! (VIRAL)

Video of a “racist tap” has gone viral, showing how it won’t dispense soap to a black man’s hand, because of a sensor that detects the color of a person’s skin and programmed only to dispense soap to white skin.

Fishermen Rescue Kittens from River

Highlight from fisherman's video. Click image to watch video on his Facebook or DIE.
Highlight from fisherman’s video. Click image to watch video on his Facebook or DIE.

From Facebook video, catfish fishermen Jason Frost and Brandon Key were out fishing on Alabama’s Black Warrior River, when a kitten started swimming toward their boat. And, as Jason rescued the feline from the water, Brandon noticed another kitten headed their way. The guys think that someone might have abandoned the animals out there. Sad as that may be, when they got back on land, a family fell in love with the kittens and offered to adopt them. Source: BuzzFeed and CBS News Viral Videos and Brandon Key’s Facebook Video.

Man Builds Flying Machine Using 54 Drones (VIDEO)

A drone aficionado calls his new flying machine, “The Swarm,” which doesn’t lift him off the ground very far before the thing conks out after 10 minutes when the battery goes dead.