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Ghost Girl Apparition Caught on Film

In a room that used to be an embalming room of a former funeral home in San Francisco — now a restaurant (wait wtf?) — security cameras recorded what appears to be a spirit of a little girl dashing in and out of the right-hand side of the viewing area in the video below. Employees have reported spirit and specter sightings in the past, and some refuse to go to certain areas of the building, which was built in 1914.

FOLLOW-UP: Ghost Hunters Investigate the Creepy Phantom Girl.


Embalming Room Restaurant

Countdown to First LIVE TV Exorcism

First Live Exorcism

Pumpkin Hypnotism#ExorcismLive — Meet the three hosts of the live exorcism and details about the event here.  [See this Destination America CHANNEL FINDER to see if you get the digital cable network in your area!]

A house has been possessed by an evil entity since 14-year-old Roland Doe used his grandmother’s Ouija board there in 1949, drawing an evil demon to possess the boy and kill his aunt. The boy went nuts and was put away in an asylum and since that time the house has had a history of “evil things” going on there. The place will be exorcised of its evil live online the night of October 30 on Destination America, a cable channel (wiki).

BUT WAIT!  THERE’S MORE!  This week there will be live airings of BRAIN SURGERY, BURIAL AND THE EXORCISM on TV!

Caller Witnesses Strange Airborne Apparition in Sky and Nevada Highway Patrol Cop Chases It

In this call-in UFO radio show at the 14-minute point (I’ve started the video below at that point already), a caller (Richard Eliot) tells of an incredible UFO encounter both he and a Nevada Highway Patrol officer chasing a strange object in the sky. [See the accompanying website, Third Phase of the Moon and Facebook Account]

Listen to Caller’s Account of Nevada State Highway Patrol Officer Engages UFO:

Below is the caller’s email message with more details:

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Woman Snaps Photo of Dead Boy in Haunted Woods

Strange WeirdElaine Stewart is convinced she captured an image of a ghost on her phone while walking through the woods. She was unaware the area where she was walking is notorious for being a “ghost sightings hotspot.” She believes the spectre is a boy in 18th century attire. The child was possibly a victim of the mine shafts that once ran underneath the site.

Elaine’s full photo (click to enlarge):


Close-up of spectre (click to enlarge):

Elaine-Stewart Spectre2

Psychic Tells the Future By Studying People’s Asses

Skull Worship“The Colombia-born psychic Bibian Arango (website BibianArango.net) says she’s one of the world’s few experts in rumpology, a pseudo-scientific discipline that devines people’s futures and analyzes their personalities by studying the features of their buttocks, and feeling out the general shape of their ass.”  See her ass reading videos on YouTube (Spanish).

She Can Tell A Lot About You From Your Ass.

Bibian Arango

What Does The Future Hold for This Ass, Miss Bibian?

Try Reading this Rump

Lord Bob Hickman’s New Altar for His Online Wiccan Group


YouTube’s Wiccan “Psychic Bob” — now known as “Lord Bob Hickman, the High Priest of the Order of the Purple Cord” — talks about his mother’s near death experience after she got sick from medical Botox injections which caused a stroke, blood on the brain and other things, talks about his new altar for his Wiccan Order of the Purple Cord.