The Sick Side of the Internet: “White Male Slaves of the Black Republic”

From the White Slaves Tumblr Blog

Our Sick WorldMore disgusting and disturbing obscene Tumblr blogs to broaden your horizon of the offbeat side of the Weird Web, we submit herewith White Male Slaves of the Black Republic targets submissive white men with a racist interracial role-play fetish to be dominated by black men (who call themselves “Black Masters” from “The Black Republic,” an organization that preens to dominate the white race by sexually humiliating them).

ADULTS ONLYNaturally, there are similar blogs of this nature on Tumblr, called Black Man’s Punching Bag, Black Man’s Revenge, The New World Order Has Started, White Slaves of Black Masters, Black Rule, Honkey Slaves, Black Cock Church (where white women are “converted” from having sex with “small-dicked inferior white men” to big-dicked dominant black men), Black Reparations, White Boy’s New World, Black Masters, MRM and Blacks R Superior, among many more too creepy and sickening to post here.

It’s a foregone conclusion these blogs were created by racist whites to act out their racist desires.

Here’s a screengrab of the site’s background, showing “submissive white men” bowing down to their well-endowed “black master.” Because, you see, if one has a large penis they have the power to control “the inferiors.”  The racism fetish is all fixated on the size of the penis.

White Male Slaves of the Black Republic
A couple of photos showing white men “degraded” by black men: one is pissed on, the other is beaten.  In another photo, white men are seen hanging nude and gagged in a Harlem window display.  This is promoted as being sexually exciting to the dominant black master.

One final screengrab of another disgusting (albeit amusing) posting on yet another black dom site, showing a white man being ass-raped by a black dom in an abandoned car:

Black Doms

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