VIDEO: Homophobic Girl in New York City & Other Assorted Freaks

Woo she really got mad when “the fags” called her a “little white trash bitch.”  Must’ve hit a nerve.

BONUS FREAK SHOW: Movie theater parking argument inflames in line while waiting to buy tickets:

Might as well throw this white trash tattoo in the mix for flavor:

Trashy Tatts

Godzilla El Nino Headed for California

Forecasters warn that an El Niño of epic proportions could strike the West Coast of the United States in either the late fall or early winter of 2015.  Also see article, “LA officials warn of ‘Godzilla’ El Nino – and gruesome finds in Hollywood Hills.”

HELP! Need Small Help with Cat Food Supplies

Remaining Cat Food 11-7-15I’ve got five cans of cat food left until November 18.  I’ve run out of money…  Going without food, but the cats need theirs. Food banks never have cat food.  Can anyone help please?  I’m disabled on Social Security dealing with a couple of miserable incurable illnesses that are driving me to bankruptcy with high co-pays and doctor visit fees and a whole bunch of other crap that has me at wit’s end. Anything will help, doesn’t have to be a fortune. Thanks for reading, happy holidays —