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Had to come indoors due to the extreme heat hitting the area.  Not good for diabetics to be out in excessive heat.  Can be quite dangerous.  Thing is it lingers even after sunset inside the house, making sleeping difficult — but I have a big noisy high-velocity blower fan that manages to get the heat […]

Using the Confederate Flag Controversy to Race-Bait Viewers

WILL YOU PLEASE SHUT THE HELL UP? IT’S TOO DAMN HOT. News media, in particular CNN and FOX News, seems to be race-baiting over the whole confederate flag bullshit.  Idea: let’s CREATE NEWS instead of reporting it!  Day after day the irritating talking heads are constantly harping about race, giving airplay to crazy white supremacists […]

Rain, Flash Flooding, Thunder & Lightning Warnings in Reno Area

It’s been raining off and on for weeks now in Northern Nevada, with rain coming again this morning, with high humidity.  All this water helping the severe drought plaguing the state.  Temperatures have been hot, with yesterday being 94, along with the stickyness of high humidity.  Rather odd, wet weather for the month of June […]

If Chris Christie Were President, He’d Put An End To Marijuana Legalization & Prosecute

A BIG NO VOTE FOR THIS GUY From The Daily Caller:  Appearing on TV’s “Face the Nation” yesterday, Presidential candidate and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie pledged that if he were elected president, he would end legal marijuana in Washington and Colorado. “If you were president would you return the federal prosecutions in the states […]

Donald Trump Calls for Death Penalty for Mississippi Cop Killers!

OUTRAGE! As FOX morning news team preen and fawn over Donald Trump’s celebrity, encouraging him to run for president in their lite, morning chit-chat with a giggly, grinning blonde given center of their cushy couch — angry Trump calls for the death penalty for the killers of two cops shot to death at a simple […]

Take Food Away From the Poor Who Protest, Says Elected Official

Brilliant idea, Bozo. Let’s make the poor and disadvantaged suffer even more than they already are by… STARVING THEM! They’re already living in poverty as it is, struggling to survive with high unemployment rates. So Patrick McDoNUT (Wiki) gets the big idea they should be denied food for expressing their First Amendment rights. Oh yeah, […]

Stupid, Fucked Up Lesbian Pays Christian Homophobes Money; Begs for their Forgiveness

Lesbian Courtney Hoffman gave a $20 donation to discriminatory “Memories Pizza” Christians hiding behind first amendment apron tails using religion as a right to be bigots and refuse serving pizza to gays, and who were awarded nearly $1 million on a Go Fund Me page by psychopaths and anti-gay hate groups in support of their […]

Miss Manners With Fangs

Many of us who are nice (but who also sometimes say “fuck”) are frequently at a loss for guidelines about how to be a good person who deals effectively with the increasing onslaught of rudeness we all encounter in our impolite society today, in which the ignorant and ill-mannered display a false sense of entitlement […]

Here’s Your Super Special Valentine

Evil Big Pharma Jacks Up Price of Insulin Due to High Demand in Diabetes/Obesity Epidemic

And now I will enlighten you to a little known scam that’s happening right now regarding diabetics requiring insulin to survive the disease.  The price for a box of five insulin pens my doctor prescribed costs some $350.00.  With my prescription drug plan discount, it’s reduced down to $169.00 for my co-pay to get them.  […]


This commercial is being run so much on all the local TV channels here in Reno that I can’t fucking stand it!  At first I liked it, thought it had a catchy tune.  But after a MONTH OF DAILY TORTURE.  I’ve been pressing the MUTE BUTTON to kill the sound of this! Does THIS Ad […]

Sprained Foot Looking Bad!

OMG, after resting for hours, I got up to see my foot looking like THIS after my fall down some cement steps yesterday morning taking out the trash.  What a freaking nightmare of pain.  My peripheral neuropathy in my feet seems to amplify the pain and swelling.  These images (high-res) were taken just now (2 […]