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Richard Simmons Does CREEPY Drag

Richard Simmons drags it up as classic film actress Kim Novak in this creepy picture found on Simmons’ Facebook page.

Russia Mad at U.S. Rock Band “Bloodbath” After Band Member Wiped His Ass with Russian Flag (VIDEO)

Offended Russia has called  the U.S. rocker band “Bloodbath” criminals and has labeled them a hate group after a band member stuck the Russian flag down his crotch on stage, then pulled it through wiping his ass with it.  He then tossed the desecrated flag into the audience for them to sniff.  Russia wants the [...]

CRINGE-WORTHY: Richard Simmons Spreads Slime on Jimmy Kimmel

VOMIT-WORTHY:  Richard Simmons caresses Jimmy Kimmel’s face, simulates sodomy on the lap of Kimmel’s guest, then erotically spreads his mouth slime on Jimmy’s cheat card, among other cringe-worthy things that may incite a touch of vomit at the corner of your mouth while watching.


Lizard. I just feel it. It’s creepy, it’s disturbing, it’s INVASION.

VIDEOS: Bill Murray as Liberace on David Letterman

Bill Murray appeared on The Late Show With David Letterman, to celebrate Letterman’s 20 years on TV, making his grand entrance dressed as flamboyant gay Liberace, complete with white Rolls Royce, boy whore trick, and a tiny dog. GRAND ENTRANCE PART TWO Here’s a photo of the real Liberace and Scott Thorson, his gay lover [...]

The Miraculous Survival of the “I Dream of Jeannie” Bottle!

Barbara Eden is interviewed in her home and shows the last surviving genie bottle that has survived through 50 years of southern California earthquakes.  This last bottle will actually be displayed in the Smithsonian Institution as an artifact of televisions golden years.  See Jeannie Bottle Review for more info on the genie bottles.  Eden is [...]