Visitor Offers to Perform “Intense” Oral Sex on Gay-Hating Pastor Steven Anderson Who is Praying for the Death of Pres. Obama and Caitlyn Jenner

Our Sick WorldPastor Anderson said he “hates” Caitlyn Jenner and wishes her to die in last Sunday’s sermon to his cheering followers.  Listen to the hate that comes from this Pastor’s mouth.  It’s fucking unbelievable — yet true.



“I offer myself, my queer cock-sucking mouth that feels like a pussy to perform intense oral sex on Pastor Anderson who is calling for the government to execute all gays,” wrote “ThumperTheHumper27″ in an email. “Pastor Anderson says he hates Caitlyn and calls her sick and filthy. But that hate will turn to love for ALL gays after I deep throat him and make him have an intense orgasm like he’s never experienced before with my tongue piercing,” ThumberTheHumper went on to boast.

“A new study finding those individuals who are most hostile toward gays and hold strong anti-gay views may themselves have same-sex desires, albeit undercover ones.”

EDITOR’S REACTION: It’s interesting to observe how throughout the existence of Christianity it has devolved into an evil religion of hate, destruction and death thanks to “pastors” like Anderson.  Sleeping with the enemy?  Are you fucking kidding me, Thumper?  Giving head to Anderson would be like blowing HITLER.  I’d rather die first.  Don’t think you’d be successful in converting him, Thumper.  He’s too far gone.  But thanks for the amusing email.  See Joe.My.God and this link for more on this horrible corruption of God’s teachings.–Ed.

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