Spine Pain Update

Tiger Cat Sleeps

The Little Tiger Cat sleeps on my bed.  She never leaves my side.

reno2It’s going to be a HOT day here in the high desert (and that means another violent crime and more massive power outages here). The cats stay outside on their porch with the breeze cooling them. Lovely warm weather encourages people to get out and wander Virginia Street downtown. weather060513The Truckee River is running high with it’s freezing cold snow melt water. Summer has begun. Every weekend downtown has street festivals with live music and street vendors out selling food and trinkets. It’s a great time, compared to the miserable cold of Wintertime with its bone-chilling snow and ice up here. So this time is the best time of the year to be enjoyed. On Friday, all the public pools will open so the kids can cool off as temps reach near 100 degrees this weekend.

Today my back problethoracicm is hurting — in the spine right in the middle (see diagram).  A deep, relentless ache.  Prescription Ibuprofen 800 is an anti-inflammatory (says the doctor) — and it helps some.  I cannot take any more Predisone for this issue due to its effect on my immune system.  It did, however, improve matters by turning off the brains pain signals and I felt OK.  So now, when the pain gets serious (flare-ups), I have to take Percocet.  But that miserable drug causes diarrhea and makes my vision blurry — so I don’t touch it unless I have to.

Tomorrow I see the doctor, who will likely send me in for an MRI of the Thoracic region where this mysterious aggravation is occurring.  He injected a drug into the muscles adjacent to the area four times, but it only made matters worse for several days of utter torture.

What I’d really like to do is visit the hot mineral springs about 20 miles south of here.  Native Indians used the mineral springs for centuries and swore by its health benefits.  Now there is a modern facility there named Steamboat Hot Springs.  I’m not interested in their beauty treatments, such as scrubs, massages, etc., which are expensive.  I’d just like to sit in the hot mineral water for an hour to soothe the muscles in the affected area (price only $40.00).   Reviews on Yelp! are mostly positive about the place.

Needless to say I probably won’t have many updates to entertain you with today as I’m feeling like a train wreck and can’t sit in my chair for long with it aching the way it is now.  So take care and thanks for visiting the site.  Send positive psychic signals my way; maybe that will kill the pain!