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Satan Arising from the Flames of Hell (click to enlarge)

Since Halloween is an event most equate to EVIL, with its focus on witchraft, devils, the living dead, and the anti-christ, herewith we present egregious evil smut trolled from the vile underbelly of the Internet.  We’ve discovered the freebie third-party blog hosting service Tumblr has a huge sub-culture following of Satanists (a.k.a. devil worshipers) — after we stumbled upon numerous disturbing Satanic worship blogs on that service while searching for Halloween content.  Most of the Satamoc blogs proclaim their undying love for Satan through prayers, revolting photos of blasphemy against God and Jesus (including sinful acts involving the cross and sodomy), disgusting animated gifs and pornographic video involving having sex with the Devil, etc.

[Note: Each Devil worship blog depicts things of a sexual nature involving Satan, so if you're easily offended, it's best not to look at the despicable stuff.  Just sayin'!]

  • Inferno Real — a collective of blasphemy against the Holy master, so revolting your grandfather would blush.
  • Hail Satan — Repulsive photos of Satan worshipers and the Church of Satan’s Anton LeVey.
  • Everything Satanic — Disturbing image collective of blasphemy.
  • Satanic Magic Blog — Blogger Aleister Nacht is a Satanic Magus and leader of a regional coven.
  • Pastor Going to the Dark sodomizing a black man’s rectum with the Holy Cross laying atop a sacred Holy Bible and their Prayer to Satan.
  • Come to Church — lurid photos of a woman exposing herself nude in a Catholic church, who has the audacity to smile about it.
  • Praise Satan at the Satanic Altar — Satan-worshiping creeps stick the cross up their rectums, piss on it, cum on it, put blood on it, etc., but other blasphemous stuff is on tap for shock and awe purposes, as well.
  • Satan Is My Love — blog postings of photos and drawings depicting young women and their body parts having sex with Lucifer.
  • Sex Slaves of Satan — Prayers to Satan and images of nuns having sex with Lucifer and violating the Holy cross, along with other filthy detritus.  The blogger expresses his undying love for Satan vowing to curse God, mock and defile him in every way.
  • Satan’s Huge Penis — Satanists love to worship the Devil’s huge penis in their decadent lifestyle involving snorting drugs from a man’s penis.
  • Gay Fantasy Creatures — Hot muscular buff  naked men are made up to look like Satan’s evil demons.  Not to be missed, gals and gays!
  • Incubus Priest — images of priests having sodomy sex with Satan’s followers and other revolting blasphemy in this creepy collective.
  • Everlasting Sin — creepy images of sinful, forbidden gay fornication, along with the usual demon worship and church defile images thrown in for color.
  • Satanic Sex Practices — nuns are stripped of their holiness by being tied up and forced into revolting sex acts by devil worshipers.  Also contains lots of images of gays being sodomized by Satan.
  • O Satan — Satanic symbols in culture.
  • Kingdom of the AntiChrist — mostly images of harlots defiling crosses, having sodomy sex and other offensive things depicting women with death and the Devil.
  • Carpe Tenebrum — some gothic chick’s Satanic photo collective.
  • Dusty-Inferno — another Satanic photo collective, along with a fetish for goth women in stockings.
  • I Fuck For Satan — animated gif x-rated scenes of brutal sex between demon-possessed wanton harlots and their demon lovers, including gay sex acts (which are considered highly sinful by the church).
  • Hymn to Satan — Not a Tumblr blog, but this hideous song praising The Beast must be included in this disgusting collection.
  • Satanist Explains the Rites of Sodomy — Satanists endorse the vile act of sodomy because when you do it you steal power from the one you sodomize.

There are MANY more such Satanic blogs on Tumblr, these are just a few. If intrigued, check out the links for each post on the blogs above that will lead you down Tumblr’s Satanic path to more sin, degradation and blasphemy.  Happy Halloweenie.

Nun snorting cocaine

Nun Snorting Cocaine or Crank or Meth (Whatever)