Proof: Chemtrails Being Used to Chemically Infect Men with Homosexuality

Obamas Crystal Ball

Obama-hating “Big American News” claims to have proof that chemtrails in the sky are infecting men with chemicals that cause homosexuality “at an alarming rate.”

“Obama has taken a weapon meant to weaken the enemies of America and turned it on the citizens of the United States.  All within areas where gay marriage incidence has sharply increased and especially in regions where outbreaks of homosexuality have increased, we have more documented reports of planes flying overhead, squirting out torrents of rainbow colored gases.”

You’re HOMOSEXUAL Now! Get a grip! No one can fight the chemtrails!

Youre Homosexual Now

Once INFECTED by the Chemtrails, There’s No Changing Back! You’re Homosexual FOREVER! Embrace It!

Youre Homosexual Now2

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