New Griswolds “Vacation” Movie Trailer

Griswold Family's Toxic Swim

From the trailer below: The Griswolds take a little dip in a toxic pond on their way to vacation at “Wally World” theme park in the new “Vacation.”

MoviesThe new generation of Griswolds pack up the car and head for Walley World in the new “Vacation.” We first met the weird Griswold family in the cult comedy classic, “National Lampoon’s Vacation” in 1983 with Chevy Chase as Clark Griswold taking his family on a wacky cross-country road-trip to the Walley World theme park. It’s now 2015, 32 years after the instant cult classic, and Clark’s son Rusty is taking his family to Wally World in this reboot of Chevy Chase “Vacation” films of the 1980s and 1990s. Will this reboot be as funny, quirky and outrageous as the classic 1980s outing? Or will it suck?  It’s too early to tell, for the movie won’t hit theaters until July 29 this summer — but here’s an early trailer teaser of the film.

almighty_penisHere is “Stone Crandall” (Chris Hemsworth of Avengers “Thor” fame), the anchorman husband of Audrey (Audrey, as you fans of the classic films know, is Rusty’s horny, man-crazy sister).  Apparently Audrey married an equally horny and well-endowed husband shown below, from a scene in which he enters Rusty and Debbie Griswold’s bedroom in his undies.  What film could be done without some sort of PENIS exposure to drive up ticket sales, right?  We’re being bombarded by the almighty penis constantly by the media from advertising companies who know how fascinated the public is with the male organ.  Oh Boy!  Look at that BIG, beauty of a knocker sis Audrey is getting!


Audrey’s husband “Stone” wants to have a chat with Rusty and Debbie about the vacation plans.


Rusty and Debbie are in awe of Audrey’s husband’s huge hard-on.

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