It’s Spring Seasonal Breeding Season


Hear my DEMAND to satisfy my uncontrollable Seasonal Breeding wanton desire!

“I am receptive for mating only for a limited time!  Turkish oil wrestler preferred, but not essential!”


Really Hairy Guy

Spring has sprung and my little-known, but annual sexual perversion of Nature is a-calling!  It’s Spring seasonal breeding season! I must have this hirsute specimen brutally fornicate with me relentlessly for a period of four solar cycles, until my seasonal, raging ESTRUS CYCLE has been satisfied.  That hairy body MUST brush against my nips for them to RELEASE A DISCHARGE of hormonal fluid to satisfy my anal annual springtime Opportunistic Breeding Cycle!

The Breeding Act MUST Be Performed THIS WAY or I Will DIE!


The PROFANE SEASONAL BREEDING ACT must be rough and aggressive, interlaced with FILTHY VERBAL EXPLETIVES as demonstrated in this EDUCATIONAL NATURE VIDEO! Click here to watch the required method thoroughly demonstrated.

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