Family Feud: Gilligan’s Island vs. Lost in Space and Lost In Space High-Def Blu-Ray Restoration Project

Cult TVComplete classic “Family Feud” game show episode from 1973 reuniting cast members of two iconic TV shows, “Lost in Space” and “Gilligan’s Island.” Not all the cast members present, but good enough. Fun, enjoyable classic TV nostalgia with Richard Dawson as host.

WowAlso, “Lost in Space” has been under a two-year restoration project to bring it to High Def Blu-Ray for the pop culture classic series’ 50th anniversary next year. Sheila Allen, wife of producer Irwin Allen, used her own money to fund the restoration project.   Sadly, however, Sheila died on November 15, 2013.  No word from CBS/20th Century Fox on the restoration project, but fans are hoping for an announcement for the series’ 50th anniversary date (actually the first unaired pilot film, the most expensive in TV history of that time, was filmed in December 1964).

Pictured below is a colorized still of the crash site from the first season of “Lost in Space” [CLICK TO ENLARGE]. There is talk of colorizing the first season as was done with the first two seasons of “Bewitched” (see a colorized Bewitched clip here) and “I Dream of Jeannie” (see colorized clip) with excellent results (you can’t tell the difference).  We must preserve these classic TV series for future generations to enjoy, as they are aging. Their negatives are 50+ years and more. Also, “I Love Lucy” has been restored and remastered in High Definition Blu-Ray (season 1 so far) and is available to buy on

[Click to enlarge super high-res image]

[Click to enlarge super high-res image]

Here is a clip of how the restored negatives look in high-definition, from Synthesis Entertainment:

“Lost in Space” Restoration Test

“Test for restoration and remastering project of all 85 hours of Lost in Space television series. Transfer of original 35mm film elements to HDCamSR performed by Illuminate in Burbank, CA. Digital audio restoration from original magnetic sound elements performed by Sound Services, inc., Los Angeles, CA.”

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