Evil Step-Mother Starved Her Son — Says “I Don’t Know What Caused Him to Look Like That” (DISTURBING PHOTOS)

CRIME DOES NOT PAYOur Sick WorldTammi Bleimeyer, of Spring, Tex., denied she had anything to with the alleged abuse of her 5-year-old stepson, who was found bruised, bleeding and severely malnourished last week. The 5-year-old was kept in a closet under the stairs in the house. The boy was found wearing a soiled diaper (he’s 5-years-old and still wearing a diaper?) and weighed only 29 pounds. The mother was feeding the boy pizza to fatten him up after the boy’s older brother threatened to call the cops on the evil step-mother for starving his brother. The boy was also found with his back BLEEDING.

Shocking, disgusting story on Daily News (with photos of the mother and father of abused boy).

Starved Child

Oh that dirty bitch. Jail her forever!

Starved Child2

Bony, skeleton-like legs of malnourished, starved child.

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