Cop Pepper-Sprays Smart Ass Who Flipped Him Off (VIRAL VIDEO)

AssholerySome jerk-off out to deliberately fuck with the cops decided it isn’t a crime to give the cops the middle finger.  When the cop Adam Rupeka deliberately BAITED to test a supposed middle-finger law, approached him wielding a can of pepper spray, Rupeka started the usual resistance bullshit when the cop asked him to get out of his vehicle stating he was being arrested for disorderly conduct.  When Rupeka refused to comply, the no-bullshit cop shook his pepper spray can and sprayed him straight in the face.

“Adam Rupeka came to this city and gave the finger to the first cop he saw.”  [Source]

[Let’s see: cops towed his car, so he’ll pay daily tow storage charges (see here), a possible restitution fee for giving an officer of the law a lewd and obscene hand gesture and a charge for resisting.  Hmmm… that middle-finger trick cost that asshole a small fortune I’d say. Was “testing” the cops worth it?]

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